Daniel Salinas

Software ate Latin America. Now AI and climate tech are about to eat software

Discover why climate tech is a big opportunity for LatAm and what you need to succeed as a Latino climate tech founder. This is a copy of the article I publish with Latitud https://www.latitud.com/en/blog/climate-tech-latam-tech-report

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The Egg by Marcus Aurelius and Andy Weir

Hear a mixture between the short story The Egg by Andy Weir and the traditional Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. The product of a night with free time in Bogota. It brings together two great authors from more than two thousand years of being born. All this was written by them, I just joined them.

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Green cows

In 2003 Seth Godin published a book on remarkable advertisement and how differentiation is key in marketing. The name is purple cow. But society is much better than just that. We need useful content that stands out by itself and it’s able to create a meaningful impact in the audience. An impact that follows coherently the lines of thought and the philosophy that has moved the world trough out its history. The creation of content has to be more transparent and fundamentally based in ideas that can help us change behaviors for the good. “Green cow” is just that. A more ethical, distinguished, coherent and purposeful advertisement. One that stands out and encourages others to look and share with meaning.

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